Sunday, 24 August 2008

Seen Elsewhere (13)

As you've perhaps gathered, Question That is on holiday at the moment. Iain Dale certainly isn't though, and he's busily compiling blog top lists for the upcoming 2008-09 Guide To Political Blogging. On Saturday it was the turn of the Libertarian Blogs, and I'm pleased to find myself listed, after less than a year of blogging here, at #14!

As a way of celebration, this week's Bloground is my pick of the best posts on the other 19 blogs in the libertarian list over the past week...

  • Samizdata on Barack Obama's choice of running mate. Guido Fawkes, with a video offering a related taste of things to come in the US Presidential Race.

  • The Anglo Saxon Chronicles another data loss scandal. Ian Parker-Joseph joins the dots, highlighting the role of the firm responsible in the ID card project.

  • Patrick Vessey (at LPUK blog) explains the situation in the Caucasus via YouTube videos; and why does Tim Worstall think Paraguay is screwed?

  • The Englishman and The Devil's Kitchen on the suspension of normal legal principles where suspected paedophiles are concerned. Leg-Iron has some additional comment on the latest outbreak of 'The Terror', as does The Last Ditch.

  • The EU is something that libertarians are generally united in opposition - but how? The Huntsman has a long discussion of the problems with voting UKIP. Old Holborn has some explanation as to why the EU is so loathed; Charles Crawford as to why it is so loathsome.

  • Nation of Shopkeepers comments on the banning of a music festival's headliner from performing. Some things change, some things stay the same.

  • Last but not least, the Libertarian Alliance invite as many libertarians as the “safety-Nazis and fire regulations” will allow to LIBERTY 2008 at the National Liberal Club in London in October.
Mini-Blogpower roundup will be every fortnight from now on, starting next week.

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David Gerard said...

The UK data loss could be worse ... maybe.