Sunday, 31 August 2008

Seen Elsewhere (14)

This week's batch of interesting goings-on in the British blogosphere, plus mini-Blogpower roundup:

  • Is Brown Bonkers? (Guido Fawkes) Is Guido trying his best to bring US-style negative campaigning to the British blogosphere? (Sunny Hundal) Tim Ireland (Bloggerheads) puts the boot in as only he can (NSFW).

  • Chris Dillow, as ever, has an intriguing twist on the 'autistic PM' meme. Could it be that Brown is "not bonkers enough" to be a great leader?

  • It's not paranoia when they really are after you. So it is with the Government's plans for a massive database of all communications. Spy Blog has the details.

  • Sticking with the theme of 'spying': How about a bit of snooping on neighbours to spice up local life? All in the name of environmentalism , of course. Ambush Predator has the details; Longrider comments.

  • Longrider again, on why Guns 'n' Roses are greedy vicious bastards.

  • Last but certainly not least, Leg-Iron (Underdogs Bite Upwards) saves me a good hour of typing by virtue of an excellent post on why Equality Can't Work.

Mini-Blogpower round-up:
  • Abolish the European Parliament in Strasbourg (Ellee Seymour)? I'd say that's about half of what is needed!

  • Conservative perspectives on Margaret Thatcher's illness (Andrew Allison) and leftists' reactions to same (The Tin Drummer).

  • Campaigning blogger Calum Carr disabuses his readers once again of the notion that the NHS (at least, NHS Lothian) is compassionate & caring.

  • Would the election of Barack Obama really be "change we can believe in" (Brummie Republic)? Theo Spark doesn't seem to think so, if his choice of cartoon is anything to go by. Meanwhile, The Poor Mouth posts in praise of a former Democratic US President.

  • An Insomniac on the shut-down of Harry's Place as a result of the actions of Jenny Delich, the latest fool to fall foul of the Streisand Effect. Letters From A Tory bemoans the lack of support offered to HP by Conservative bloggers.


Longrider said...

Ayethangyou (bows)

jmb said...

Thanks for including the mini BP round-up as well Ian.

CalumCarr said...

Thanks for the link AGAIN.

My gmail says that you want to have a chat. Is that the case?

fake consultant said...

it was nice to have the mixture of in-house and outside links, and those doing roundups in the future might consider this as well.

JuliaM said...

Cheers for the mention ;)

QT said...

@calumcarr: I think the 'chat request' was something I did a while ago (before I wrote the DK post).

Feel free to chat to me when I am on GMail (green light shows next to my name) anytime :-)

The Tin Drummer said...

That's very kind of you Ian, thanks a lot.