Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Second In The World

Britain's paralympians, that is. When I posted on the subject of the Paralympics in Beijing last week after 5 days of the Games, the UK were second in the medal table, with 21 gold medals.

The Games are now complete, and the Great British paralympian athletes have repeated their 2004 achievement, and come 2nd in the final medal table, ahead of the United States.

Here is the full list of British winners.


richard allan said...

Well done to them! To play Devil's Advocate, I can't really fault the media for not paying more attention, as people are likely totally fed up with "Olympics" coverage at the moment, and they have been mentioning it on the news, at least.

Paralimpwristed said...

Great to see you flagging up Team GB again, Ian.

(I'd better not repeat that the BBC's coverage has been far superior to either the newspapers of the left or right again, had I?) :-)