Sunday, 14 September 2008

Seen Elsewhere (16)

A fairly quick one this week - for full Blogpower round-up, peruse Heather Yaxley's work over at Defending The Blog...

  • Best post I have seen this week by some distance does in fact come from a Blogpower blogger, specifically Fake Consultant's excellent Advice on Preaching Beyond The Choir in the context of the US election.

  • Perhaps not the question that would most immediately come to mind, but how much is the XL collapse costing the taxpayer? Why should it?

  • Sardonic commentary on the other 'LHC switch-on', answering fundamental questions like 'can there be an end to boom & bust'?

  • The US election will undoubtedly be damn close once again. Here is some commentary on an article entitled '12 reasons why Obama will still win'. Here one very good new libertarian blogger explains why McCain "will, without doubt, win" and then explains why "we are all fucked" when he does.

  • Staying with the US election, here's an intriguing perspective on the effect of McCain's election on US relations with Israel.

  • This post (NSFW) on strip clubs gets a link for its title alone

  • A libertarian Lib Dem on Nick Clegg's tax cuts.

  • Its Brown trousers time for, er, Brown as the Labour rebellion gathers strength. One Labour blogger, however, isn't quite singing from the same song-sheet as the rest of us!

  • A report from a left perspective on the threats to civil liberties posed by the European Union.

  • The decision of a Maidstone jury to acquit the 'Kingsnorth six'. Applauded here and here, condemned here, here, here and here.

  • After getting through all of those, you probably need a stiff drink. Time for the 'Littlejohn Drinking Game'!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for link, but it's not the outcome of the Kingsnorth that bothers me (E.On were stupid to press charges).

What is depressing is that the level of Greenie brainwashing is such that so many jurors genuinely believed that a coal fired power station presents an immediate threat to life and property.

Constant Reader said...

Some interesting stuff, Ian, but I think these two LHC links are even better and

I thought the Elisberg was particularly interesting-I'm not sure what to make of the "GOP=anti-semitic" post-I think I've missed something there. :-)

Mind you, I'm certainly not sure what we learn as readers from the gentleman who posted about visiting a strip club?