Sunday, 28 September 2008

Seen Elsewhere (18)

All eyes have been on the US once again this week, with the Wall Street bailout and the Presidential candidates' debates filling the column inches and the blogs. But there's plenty to talk about here in Blighty as well...

  • ID Cards are here (for some foreign residents from November)! And, as Trixy points out, they look just like any other EU ID card. Tygerland explains why this is such a bad idea, in case it wasn't obvious.

  • A good blog has been lost this week - at the behest of the European Parliament. Gawain Towler's England Expects was "ironique et eurosceptique", apparently. EU Referendum and Liberal Conspiracy comment.

  • Ken Frost on more over-zealous officials banning things - in this case goggles in a swimming pool. But wait, here's Longrider, writing in defence of health & safety advisors. Whatever next? Devil's Kitchen joining the Labour Party? (Maybe not).

  • Don't get their hopes up! Political Betting discusses the 'Labour conference boost'.

  • This post at Bob's Head Revisited on the Communications Data Bill has a funny title. It's a shame the content is not funny in the least. The Government think a new database of our phone calls, e-mails and internet use might not be popular, so they're going to go ahead with it without Parliamentary debate!

Mini-Blogpower Round-up

Concentrating on the blogs with names starting with letters in the second half of the alphabet, here's my pick of the posts from the Blogpower community's blogs this week...
  • In view of the financial crisis, Paulie at Never Trust A Hippy has 'a declaration' for right-wing libertarians.

  • Devonshire Dumpling (No Clue) on the privacy of our medical histories (R.I.P).

  • ID cards to be forced on those who cannot refuse. "Disgusting", says The Thunder Dragon. I agree.

  • Pub Philosopher, on 'sensitivity' taken to absurd lengths yet again, this time by the British Sociological Association. The first comment here is so true, as well.

  • MJW (Observations From The Hillside) on another of the problems facing Labour at conference - having to placate the hard left.

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jmb said...

Good roundup of interesting posts as usual Ian Q_T.

There will be a proper BP roundup sooner or later, I hope. The other Grendel has computer problems.