Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Blogger's Update

I haven't posted much recently, and for a few reasons that is likely to continue for a while yet.

On the blogging side of things, the topics that are on most people's minds including my own at the moment - specifically the credit crunch/financial crisis and the US Election - are topics on which it is rather difficult to be original or insightful on a blog like this, so there is not the need to get thoughts out into the open that there has been at other times when the landscape of discussion has been more varied and less beholden to events outside all of our sphere of influence (tenuous as that influence may be in the vast majority of cases, right now it is non-existent).

As for myself, I am coming to the end of my three years of PhD study. Yes, I don't talk much about science on this blog (deliberately, in order to keep blogging and work in strictly separate domains), but if all goes well then in a few months' time I will be Dr. Ian_QT. This means that at the moment more of my time that might previously have been spent reading blogs/mulling over blog posts/writing blog posts is having to be spent writing my thesis and tying the last loose ends of my scientific work together. In addition, I need to find myself a job for once those three years are up!

This is not the end of Question That, and I will certainly be keeping the regular series 'Seen Elsewhere' and 'Video of the Week' going unless things get really hectic.


John Demetriou said...

Good luck with the PhD

John D

IanPJ said...

Good luck with the PhD Ian.

Will buy you a pint if you up for it.

JuliaM said...

Yes, good luck with the PhD. Scientists will always be needed.

Economists, not so much... ;)

fake consultant said...

one way to get past the "mulling" problem would be to discuss, on the blog, what you're studying.

the insights you've gained...maybe changes in how you see everyday objects and processes...or even a "this is what i'm studying today" series that allows you to teach--and learn--at the same time.

do it well...and it might become your job (dr. dan--science correspondent?)

QT said...

Fixed typo in above deleted comment

Thanks for the good wishes and suggestions, all.

@ianpj: Look forward to it. I'm afraid I won't be able to make the next LPUK pub meet, because I'm travelling to give a (PhD-related) seminar that evening, but I'm sure I will take you up on the offer at some point.

@fake consultant: Sorry, but this is not a road I intend to go down - as I said in the post I like to keep work and blogging separate, with this as a place for my thoughts on politics and current affairs. Once in a while (e.g.) there is a cross-over, but I don't intend to turn this into a ScienceBlog. Interesting idea, though.

jmb said...

Gosh is it still possible to get a PhD in science in three years? It is certainly not in North America as there is so much course work before even starting on a research project.
My son and son-in-law both took five years while my daughter took 6 long years in the Humanities.
Congratulations and good luck with your job hunting. Post doc fellowship or ?

Old Holborn said...

Good luck with the PhD and if you need help finding a job, contact me. It's what I do.

QT said...

Thanks @jmb and @old holborn. I have a couple of routes to possible employment once I finish up here, but if the worst comes to the worst I might just take you up on that offer, @old h :-)