Wednesday, 1 October 2008

John McCain's Aspiration

Watch this clip of John McCain talking to the Des Moines Register about the failure of the Bush/Paulson Bailout Bill to get through Congress. Listen carefully around the 01:41 mark...

Scary or what?

NOTE: Just to pre-empt one anticipated response to this, I'm aware that what McCain says in this clip could be interpreted in an alternative way. However, if that alternative interpretation is to be believed, his choice of words is strange to say the least - 'Drafter' would have made much more sense in that other possible context.


Mark Wadsworth said...

I dunno. He's either too honest for his own good or he has a sense of humour?

QT said...

When Bush said something similar, it was clear from his tone and facial expressions that he was trying to be funny.

There are no such indications in this clip. None.

richard allan said...

You're really reaching now, QT.

Sean Gabb says "When I seize power in a military coup," all the time. As do I. It doesn't mean anything!

Could this be a case of confirmation-bias? ;-)

QT said...

You and Mr Gabb aren't in the midst of running for President of the United States.

IanPJ said...

Although being extremely worrying, His quips about being the man in charge aside.

Whatever happened to the old adage of save up and buy. Stay within your means.

We all have a problem when the whole world wants to work on credit, especially when that credit comes all too easily.