Sunday, 5 October 2008

Seen Elsewhere (19)

Just a quick one today as I'm at 'home from home' this weekend. So: Ten posts from the blogs I selected a while back (not sure exactly when, TBH) as 'Ten To Watch'...

  • Alex Lockwood only wrote one post this week, an interview with a manager at the BBC.

  • If Sam Tarran Were In Charge... He'd have seen Ian Blair off too.

  • Mac Uaid discusses poverty in the shadow of the City of London.

  • Can Labour win a fourth term? Mike Ion outlines a possible strategy.

  • Obnoxio excoriates the Congressman who used the 'emergency' Bailout Bill as an opportunity to get all kinds of tax breaks into US law.

  • James at Scribo Ergo Sum on American perspectives on Europe.

  • Sinclair muses over the creation of a new Government department of Energy & Climate Change.

  • The Fake Consultant compares American and Egyptian electoral politics.

  • The Landed Underclass on why Virgin Galactic are appropriately named.

  • Are taller candidates more likely to be elected? Unenlightened Commentary ponders this and related questions.

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