Sunday, 12 October 2008

Seen Elsewhere (20)

This week's round-up of interesting blog posts...

  • Conservatives for Obama! Here's Iain Dale writing in the Telegraph, here's Christopher Buckley in the American e-zine Daily Beast, and here's Wick Allison of Dallas' D e-zine.

  • Bearwatch is a blog whose time has come. Here Sackerson has found himself having to revise pessimistic predictions of stock market values after a week of panicked selling. Here he revisits the perennial 'gold standard' question in the light of events.

  • Is the bailout approach to the financial crisis, which has spread from the USA across to Europe trading short term gain for long term pain? Jim Rogers thinks so (via Patrick Vessey at LPUK blog). From the same blogger, why are supposedly 'pro-free market' think tanks failing to criticise this use of taxpayers' money?

  • Dave Osler defends councils who put almost a billion pounds into Icelandic banks. The Devil's Kitchen responds, while Old Holborn follows up with a Freedom of Information request to the chief executive of his local council.

  • The world may be headed for recession, but Gordon Brown is smiling for a change. Is Brown the right man for a crisis, asks Bob's Head Revisited. On the other side of the coin, Political Betting ponders whether Brown could be nearing retirement.

  • It's a rollercoaster life, being an MP blogger. Last month Tom Harris was voted #1 left-of-centre blogger. This month he has been sacked from his job as Transport Minister and returned to the back benches. Here is an interview he gave with the BBC.

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