Friday, 17 October 2008

The Writing's On The Wall

Via Ambush Predator, this is one of those stories that really makes you wonder...

A council in Cornwall, built a £3,000 wall so that local youths could "practice their graffiti artwork without vandalising local property". However, one anonymous resident wasn't too impressed with this use of their council tax money.

IMAGE: Telegraph

So far, so funny. What's next defies belief (bolding mine):

"...It is now going to cost the taxpayer, as we will have to crime it, investigate it and paint over it." - Sgt Robin Moorcroft
Investigating the crime of writing graffiti on a graffiti wall. Well I never.

Alternatively, they could follow up the suggestion of Ross, a commenter over at JuliaM's:
Couldn't they just build a second wall for angry taxpayers to express their dissatisfaction with building the first wall?

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