Wednesday, 5 November 2008

President-Elect Obama

Yes He Did!

The Mirror, which 4 years ago famously responded to the re-election of George W Bush with by asking 'How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?', celebrates Obama's victory this morning... But how did the blogosphere react?

At Liberal Conspiracy, Aaron Heath live-blogged the proceedings in the US, Unity wraps it up: "Congratulations, and thank you America". He follows up today with a round-up of 'wingnut chatter', as conservatives begin to try and get a grip on what went wrong.

Iain Dale also live-blogged the election, and looks ahead to the possibilities and pitfalls of the presidency. Dizzy Thinks Obama won't be all that different from Bush. JuliaM anticipates "an interesting four years". Behind Blue Eyes hopes that the events in the US could help revitalise our own democracy. Bob Piper bemoans the lack of political hope here in the UK.

Sadie is pleased with the result but not entirely optimistic. Tom Harris is just pleased, as is Voltaire's Priest at Shiraz Socialist. Harry's Place has a round-up of reactions from the left. Lenin's Tomb discusses the management of expectations. There's not much sign of it on the blogs, but The Daily (Maybe) discusses the NObama left.

Perry at Samizdata isn't altogether depressed that the US has 'voted for statism'. Thaddeus at the same blog: The Republican party "is probably buggered". Roger Thornhill ponders what the big deal about 'change' is. The Nameless One discusses McCain's failure considers the possibilities that lie before Obama. Finally, A Very British Dude is nonplussed.

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