Sunday, 2 November 2008

Seen Elsewhere (23)

We're just two days away from a day that, one way or the other, will go down in history. However, there's more under the sun than Obama vs McCain. What else has had people putting fingers to keyboard?

Well, of all things, the story that produced the most excitement on these small islands last week features 2 'comedians' and 1 retired actor. As Septic Isle explains, a broadcast that received just 2 complaints when originally aired turned into a national scandal after it hit the front page of the Daily Mail. Its a story tailor-made for John Demetriou and Anton Vowl to lay into, and they duly do so. On the other side of the argument, The Landed Underclass and Andrew Allison argue for abolition.

Relegated to second slot on the news by the above, the bloody war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dave Osler asks "what is to be done?". Johann Hari has visited the region and written about the horror he witnessed there, and Lenin (Lenin's Tomb) expands upon Hari's argument that Western demand for resources drives the conflict. Iain Dale calls for a boost to UN peace-keeping forces in the region.

Also kept off the front pages this week; the economic crisis. The Big Picture looks back over October 2008 from a financial point of view. One man who has done very well out of the events of the past month is Nouriel Roubini. Stephen Lendman (The Market Oracle) comments on his predictions of long-term recession. Patrick Vessey (LPUK blog) asks what would happen if interest rates were reduced to zero.

Finally, also at LPUK blog, Ian Parker-Joseph provides a comprehensive round-up as to why the UK is one of the 5 most surveilled countries in the world.

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