Sunday, 9 November 2008

Seen Elsewhere (24)

I have already covered the blog reaction to Obama's victory on November 4 here. Here's a round-up of posts on other topics, with a particular emphasis this week on the thoughts of liberal and libertarian bloggers...

Two posts this week are absolute must-reads. The first is a superb rant written by Leg-Iron of Underdogs Bite Upwards that has been re-posted on several other libertarian blogs. The second is Alix Mortimer's response to Hazel Blears' attack on 'cynical' blogs. If all Lib Dems were as switched-on as Alix and Charlotte Gore - whose response to the Blears attack is also well worth a read, I'd join the party in a heartbeat.

After the election, Hazel Blears' speech has not entirely unsurprisingly been the most widely covered topic. Matt Wardman has the text of the speech. Here's a Letter From A Tory in response. Labour supporting bloggers, such as Bob Piper were similarly unimpressed with Blears' short-sightedness.

Devil's Kitchen
and Tim Worstall both point out the elephant in the room, specifically that political engagement is hardly worthwhile when your politicians don't actually have the power to make significant changes. Mark Wadsworth provides an example of the problem.

Were Hazel Blears' words advance warning of more sinister developments ahead, asks Guy Herbert at Samizdata. The Tin Drummer gazes into his crystal ball, and The Heresiarch, The Thunder Dragon and Trixy consider her words in a greater context of the erosion of freedoms.

Some libertarian bloggers went for a walk in fancy dress Wednesday. You've perhaps guessed what happened next, but if not Citizen Stuart has the details. The next day, NO2ID scored a small victory, obtaining Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's fingerprints - Guido Fawkes has the details.

Another small victory for liberty and good sense that has gone largely unreported - the ban on top-up care in the NHS has at last been abolished. I guess the Government didn't want any more Linda O'Boyles on their conscience. At Comment Is Free, Mark Lawson is outraged at this affront to equality. Oh dear...

All is far from well, however. The Government's control freakery knows no bounds, it seems, as Longrider reports new guidelines on how to look after cats. Bob's Head Revisited comments on a survey that reports that 9 out of 10 people are 'happy'. Panopticon Britain discusses what makes him happy.

The Nameless One puts Labour's by-election win in perspective. Dan Vevers has an epic post on the folly of bank bailouts. Paul Lockett sets out a libertarian defence of the Human Rights Act. Finally, John Demetriou of B&D does something we should perhaps all do once in a while, and sets out just what the blog is about.

On Blogpower, Calum Carr takes a look at a town in which the colour green is 'notable by its absence'. Critical Faculty Dojo finds common ground with environmentalists, No Clue steers her readers far away from the ISP Pipex, and Pub Philosopher excoriates Halloween killjoys.


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