Sunday, 16 November 2008

Seen Elsewhere (25)

Just a quick, short round-up this week. 5 posts from blogs in the QT's Ten To Watch sidebar section plus one extra link.

  • TheFatBigot Opines on social workers and ideology in light of the Baby P case and a separate incident involving a 13-year old girl who chose to refuse a heart transplant.

  • If Sam Tarran Was In Charge - "The key to saving Britain is a primary school classroom."

  • Obnoxio The Clown puts across the right-wing argument against the welfare state with typical robustness.

  • Bob's Head Revisited started blogging in July, and is fast becoming one of my favourite blogs of all thanks to posts like this on 'equality at any cost'.

  • A blog I'd never heard of before Thursday has the post of the week and possibly the quote of the year. Dave Clemo reprints a robust response to Lynne Featherstone's Comment Is Free column.
"There is no hope for Britain. Civilisations don't die, they commit suicide. And before they commit suicide, they read and believe the Guardian."
- Osho (Comment Is Free) via Dave Clemo

  • Finally, Iain Dale on the Tories' need to get to grips with Gordon Brown's relentless partisanship.

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Bob's Head Revisited said...

Thanks very much for the mention. Very much appreciated. Ta!