Saturday, 22 November 2008

Seen Elsewhere (26)

A day early for the traditional round-up this week, because I'm travelling tomorrow (work-related) and won't be back 'til midweek...

  • The topic that has provoked the most comment this week on UK political blogs has probably been the leak of the BNP's membership list. It was the anti-fascist blog Lancaster UAF that broke the story on Tuesday morning. Tim Worstall picked up on it. Soon ethical debates regarding the use of the leaked data, like this one on Liberal Conspiracy, raged across the blogs. Jokes at Nick Griffin's expense, on the other hand, had near-universal appeal.

  • Proposed new legislation to criminalize buyers of sex, announced by Jacqui Smith this week, was widely condemned. The unfortunately monickered FatBigot covers most of the practical objections to the plans. Unity attacks the Home Office's argument for the legislation with typically impressive thoroughness. Tim Worstall fisks Julie Bindel's piece in favour of the proposals in Friday's Guardian.

  • It would seem to be de rigeur for libertarian bloggers to write an article at least every 3 months excoriating the failings of the welfare state, but it came as a great surprise to find such an article in the pages of the Guardian. JuliaM at Ambush Predator comments.

  • The ongoing economic downturn hangs over all of us like a grey cloud. Worse than the effects on businesses, job-seekers and home-owners, it seems to be bringing about a renewal in the fortunes of Gordon Brown. Political Betting discuss resultant rumours of a 2009 election. For the Union at LabourHome comments that "the public know leadership when they see it". Mark Wadsworth, however, begs to disagree: "The government has gone completely and utterly mad", he proclaims.
  • Daft story of the week: The controversy over 'two left feet' John Sergeant quitting BBC reality show 'Strictly Come Dancing'. But what do Sergeant and Boris Johnson have in common? Paulie at Never Trust A Hippy has the answer. The Heresiarch has a different perspective on the affair.

  • Finally, Trixy (More To Life Than Shoes) is a blogger in need. Devil's Kitchen has set up an appeal to help her raise £800 for specialist dental treatment.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for link. What's worse than the government acting like this is that their poll ratings are improving as a result.