Sunday, 30 November 2008

Seen Elsewhere (27)

A quick look around the past week in the British blogosphere...

  • The arrest and detention of Tory front-bencher Damian Green was the event that set blogs aflame this week. Several, including Frank Fisher at CiF and Martin at The Devil's Kitchen described what happened as "Stalinist". Ross and Cassius described it as "sinister" for British politics,

  • Several commentators, including Ian Parker-Joseph and Charlotte Gore, highlighted the use of 'counter-terror' police to arrest Green. Unity, in a typically in-depth and reasonably even-handed piece for Liberal Conspiracy explained the 'quirk of history' reason for this, and that Green was not arrested under anti-terror laws. The Landed Underclass and Old Holborn express concern about the civil servant involved in the case, who is described as "being looked after by the Home Office at a secret location...".

  • Partisan and other political reactions to Green's arrest have abounded. As ever, Political Betting leads the way on that front. Mike Smithson considers how the story might benefit the Conservatives. Morus' 'special comment' in the style of Keith Olbermann, however, is this week's must-read there. Alex Masterley (Financial Crimes) and Guido Fawkes urge the police to widen their investigation, the latter providing some handy video evidence. John Demetriou sees it as something of a vindication of libertarian suspicion of the Government.

  • From the left, Sunny Hundal has a round-up of blogs highlighting Tory hypocrisy, and Hopi Sen criticises "over the top" reaction. Chicken Yoghurt attacks double standards with regard to police treatment of suspects, while Neil Harding compares Green's treatment with that of Lord Levy. Last but not least, Alex Wilcock (Love & Liberty) has an interesting Liberal point of view on the affair.

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