Friday, 26 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #12 & #11


Longrider* is another underappreciated blog. Its pseudonymous author has firm libertarian convictions and writes some great polemic, though he is not a swearblogger. Particularly strong on civil liberties issues, Longrider was one of those writers that, through their blogs, inspired me to begin blogging.

Read Longrider - 'Snitch Britain - Part XXX'


EU Referendum is, as the name suggests, a blog dedicated to following European issues from an EU-sceptic perspective. It is authored by researchers Helen Szamuely and Richard North, and in its sphere is one of the most authoritative British political blogs.

Read Richard North - 'Vintage Booker'


Longrider said...

Thanks for the link. Due to hosting problems, the blog is currently undergoing a rebuild and it temporarily hosted over at DK's. We are waiting at the moment for the domain to shift over to the new location.

QT said...

Do you have a direct link to your blog's new location, that I can post on here?

Longrider said...

Er... it's broken at the momenet - something I did, I think. The direct link is

It will work okay once the domain redirect has kicked in and DK has imported my archives.

Longrider said...

Damn! that should be ageofchange

Longrider said...

Ian, we are back up and running now.