Wednesday, 24 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #18 & #17


Enemies of Reason began just over a year ago. Since then, Anton Vowl's page has become Britain's premier mainstream media watching blog. With a strong centre-left line, the posts combine opinionated commentary with discussions of the veracity or otherwise of the contents of the Sun, Mail, Express etc. One of the most entertaining left-wing blogs as well as fulfilling its niche exceptionally well

Read Anton Vowl - 'Russell Brand v the Daily Mail: Don't make me choose between you!'

17. DAVE'S PART (35)

Dave's Part is a cut above the average socialist blog, thanks to the engaging writing of its author Dave Osler. Unusually, it gives the impression of having been written with an open mind and for a general audience, rather than a small clique of like-minded souls - hence posts like the one highlighted below. If you want to gain some understanding of what goes on to the left of Labour, you could do a lot worse than to put Dave's Part in your feed-reader.

Read Dave Osler - 'Why Can't the Left Do Populism?'

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