Wednesday, 31 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #2 & #1


Liberal Conspiracy was set up in November 2007, with a stated aim of 'bringing together and re-invigorating the liberal-left in Britain through discussion and campaigning. In the former, it has undoubtedly succeeded; Liberal Conspiracy made it so high in this countdown because the whole is greater than the parts, and the parts are a roll-call of the left's best bloggers, including SepticIsle, Chris Dillow, Dave Osler, and Sunny Hundal who also edits the blog. As for the latter - we'll have to wait and see... Liberal Conspiracy features some good, robust comments thread debates, and minimal moderation of comments. The daily netcast and newsreel provide another reason - as if more were needed - to visit 'LibCon' every day.

Read Andrew Hickey - 'Why I am not a Libertarian'


The Devil's Kitchen is, for anyone who has somehow remained unaware of it, a libertarian blog run by the eponymous DK. It is the original swear-blog, DK having begun venting his rage here just under four years ago. Although the fire and fury on display here in the first couple of years has been sanitised somewhat, it's still written with a genuine passion. As well as DK's trademark ranting, The Devil's Kitchen features guest posts from a variety of other writers, not all of whom share DK's consequentialist libertarian worldview - occasionally leading to some vituperative comments, which are never moderated. The Devil's Kitchen was the greatest inspiration for my decision to begin blogging, and remained such throughout the time Question That was online. As such, putting this blog at the head of my top 50 was an easy decision.

Read The Devil's Kitchen - 'Oh yeah? How, exactly?'


Mark Wadsworth said...

Well done, I like the way 2 and 1 appeared on New Year's Eve.

Anyway, best of luck for next year, you'll need it.

Devil's Kitchen said...



Thank you, Ian: you are too kind. A very good new year to you and yours...


jmb said...

Big job Ian and it must have caused you some deep thinking as you ranked them all.
Happy New Year to you.

QT said...

Thanks for the kind words.


Sunny said...

whoa, that's very nice of you Ian... thanks for the number 2 mention. Happy New Years.