Wednesday, 24 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #20 & #19

20. SAMIZDATA (40)

Samizdata is a well-established libertarian group blog. It is a real stalwart of British political blogging, that has forged a unique identity based on core principles - many of which are shared with US Libertarians. It has its own community of contributors and commenters that exists apart from all of the other libertarian blogs mentioned in this list. Posts cover affairs in the UK, Europe and North America, philosophy and literature. Some very high-quality writing is featured here, and though discussions are typically dominated by one viewpoint they are often worth reading.

Read Adriana Lukas - 'House of Terror'

19. SPY BLOG (134)

Spy Blog is the UK domestic civil liberties blog. It is simply essential reading for anyone concerned about over-reaching state power, civil liberties and the database state. In addition to the always well-researched, comprehensive posts themselves, Spy Blog also features links to a host of valuable resources.

Read Spy Blog - 'Communications Data Retention - internet access, internet e-mail and internet telephony'

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Matt Wardman said...

I think you are doing a brilliant job here.