Monday, 22 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #24 & #23


Iain Dale's Diary is of course one of the two blogs that people outside of the blogging community are most likely to have heard of. Although Dale is not an MP, nor is he a councillor, he is one of the Conservative Party's most famous names thanks to this blog, which has been running for an amazing five years. It combines Westminster gossip, political opinion, and also lots of 'blogging about blogging' at a prolific rate.

Read Iain Dale - 'Reflections on Barack Obama'


Bob's Head Revisited, as well as having one of the best names of any blog in this list, is also one of the most promising new blogs I have started reading this year. 'Bob' began posting, and soon began attracting attention with some really thoughtful, well-argued and well-set-out posts such as the one highlighted below.

Read Bob's Head Revisited - 'Idealism, Equality and Power'

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Bob's Head Revisited said...

Thanks very much for putting me on your list. I'm quite shocked, but also very pleasantly surprised, to be included in amongst such distinguished company. Cheers!