Friday, 19 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #26 & #25


Nosemonkey's EUTopia (formerly Europhobia) is a blog focusing on the EU that is distinguished by the fact that its author, although pro-EU, tries hard to be relatively politically neutral. It almost always avoids being dull despite the unappealling nature to the casual reader of some of the topics discussed. The pseudonymous author is interested in European history and culture as well as politics, enhancing the interest of this blog to a wide readership. When a European issue catches my attention, as in the circumstances surrounding the highlighted post, this is always one of the first blogs I take a look at.

Read Nosemonkey - 'The Lisbon Treaty is Dead'


Mr Eugenides is a long-running swear-blog, which began in October 2005. Mr E focuses his ire largely on Government, officials and bureaucrats, and the blog consists of a combination of ranting and humour - often both in the same post while at the same time bringing serious issues to the reader's attention. Once in a while Mr E comes up with an absolute peach of a post that ought to be mailed to every household in the UK, such as that highlighted below.

Read Mr Eugenides - 'Just Give Us Your Money and Shut Up'

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