Saturday, 13 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #34 & #33


Labour & Capital is a left-blog with a difference: Its author reads the financial pages. Most of the posts concern goings on in the banking and the economy. Particularly when the world economy is in its present state of instability (see the highlighted post), such a consistently readable articulation of a left-wing perspective is so valuable that once again I'm surprised by L&C's obscurity. Don't be put off by the blog's name - Tom P is a moderate and very much willing to entertain opposing viewpoints; for instance, he posted an interview with Nick Drew (of business blog Capitalists@Work*). He also regularly takes part in comments-thread discussions. Right or left, if you're a blogger interested in economics you're missing out if you don't read Labour & Capital.

Read Tom P - 'What Have We Learnt?'


Five Chinese Crackers is one of two standouts from a group of blogs which scrutinises the UK mainstream media, particularly the tabloids. What marks this blog out (apart from its odd name) is its forensic approach to investigating the truth behind the headlines that appear in the Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express etc. This is one of the roles that blogs are ideally placed for, and 5cc has taken it up with panache.

Read 5cc - 'The Truth About Knife Crime?'

* Business blogs, such as Capitalists@Work and Bearwatch, and media blogs (blogs written under the banner of a mainstream media outlet, such as Ben Brogan's, Robert Peston's, the Independent LJ blogs and the Spectator Coffee House group blog) are not included in this list.

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Tom P said...

Thanks very much for the nice review. Sorry to read you are closing the blog - I've only recently started reading it.