Thursday, 11 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #38 & #37

38. CRAIG MURRAY (145)

Craig Murray, unlike most of the other people featured on this list, is not best-known as a blogger. Instead, as a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan he has a unique, informed perspective on civil liberties here and abroad. Murray is seldom far from controversy, and seldom dull. Legal threats in 2007 led to the marshalling of over 300 bloggers in defence of freedom of speech. Later the same year, an ultimately successful campaign set in motion by Murray to save a political dissident from deportation to Uzbekistan (see the post highlighted below). However, despite all these good reasons to read Craig Murray regularly, his blog appears on few blogrolls.

Read Craig Murray - 'A Low Point'


Hagley Road To Ladywood is a blog that has undergone a transformation. This Birmingham-based group blog has been running since 2005, but can almost be considered to be a brand-new entity as since August the posting rate has increased dramatically - and certainly not at the expense of quality. These are mini-essays on a wide range of topics; not just politics but film, music, and books too. Hagley Road To Ladywood is the liberal-left blogosphere's best kept secret. Put a bit of Brum in your blogroll!

Read Claude - 'People of Britain, Perform Your National Duty'

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