Tuesday, 30 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #4 & #3


Political Betting proclaims that it is Britain's most-read political blog. It may seem like a niche interest - gambling on political outcomes - but over more than 5 years Political Betting has grown to be one of the most highly-regarded blogs around, thanks to the insightful and unbiased commentary provided by its writers Mike Smithson, Morus and Double Carpet on Parliamentary politics and referenda in the UK, USA and elsewhere. In addition, the lively community of regular contributors to discussions is very much a part of the attraction of the site, as recent 'poster of the year' awards acknowledged.

Read Morus - 'Is the PM a True Gambler?'


Underdogs Bite Upwards is a libertarian blog authored by the pseudonymous Leg-iron. Suffice to say I am hugely impressed with the standard of polemical writing on show here; such that I rate Underdogs Bite Upwards as my current favourite of all single-author blogs. Unusually, it is located on the LiveJournal platform - generally not an indicator of a great blog. I love the name, though, the overall presentation, and especially posts such as the rant I've highlighted below - my pick for Blog Post of the Year 2008.

Read Leg-Iron - 'How Weak Have We Become?'

BONUS: Read Leg-Iron at Old Holborn's - 'The Children Aren't Thinking Of You'

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