Wednesday, 10 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #40 & #39


The Broadsheet Rag is a libertarian blog, like several others in this countdown. What marks this blog out, though, is its lightness of touch. Where TBRRob's fellows rant and rave and raise the blood pressure of the reader, The Broadsheet Rag often raises a smile through posts like that highlighted below, and his frequently highly amusing 'Goon of the week' series. In a 'sphere in which many take themselves and their opinions rather too seriously, a blog like The Broadsheet Rag is a breath of fresh air. For being such, while remaining a political blog (rather than a satirical one), TBR earns its place on this list.

Read TBRRob - 'MALINTENT - Big Brother is an idiot'


Letters From A Tory is, and has been recognised as, one of the best blogs to have begun in 2008. Its pseudonymous author has an unusual style - that of writing most of his posts as though they are letters to their subjects - that in his hands really works and leads to some highly readable blogging. As well as some good posts, LFaT is also home to some of the best comments threads of any Conservative blog - some real discussions in which A. Tory himself typically takes part. Letters From A Tory should be the one of the first blogs listed in the Conservative section of any British political blogroll.

Read A. Tory - 'Putting People in Prison Breaches Their Human Rights, Apparently'


jmb said...

I don't usually follow UK political blogs too closely since I live elsewhere, but I always glance at LFAT. He often can be very amusing as well as refinedly tearing strips of assorted politicians.

Mark Wadsworth said...

This is all good stuff. How many recommendees have dropped in to say 'thanks'?

Tom Paine said...

Yes, keep up the good work. I have added a couple to my blogroll so far.

TBRRob said...

Thank you Ian those are very kind words.