Monday, 8 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #44 & #43


A Very Public Sociologist is a blog that is as described. It is written primarily by Phil BC, a Marxist studying for a PhD in sociology. He is also a member of the Socialist Party, but between his studies and party activities he finds the time to write a mini-essay of a blog post about every other day. As you might expect, Phil has an unconventional perspective, but is blessed with a real talent for making writings about the most arcane topics a pleasant and accessible read.

Read Phil BC - 'SP and SWP Debate the Revolutionary Party'

43. TOM HARRIS MP (13)

Tom Harris MP's blog came in at #13 in the Total Politics list. The post I highlight below brought the blog to the attention of the national media in June, and doubtless attracted a whole new readership to the then Transport Minister's writings. Harris is no longer a minister, which going by the prolific rate of posting has given him even more time to spend with his blog. Perhaps unexpectedly, given MP blogs' usual reputation for being stuffy and exceptionally guarded, the blog of Tom Harris MP is a pleasant and refreshing read. Partisan, yes, but never dull - Harris is easily the best blogger in the House of Commons today.

Read Tom Harris MP - 'Heaven Knows We're Miserable Now'

Note: The numbers in brackets after the blog name indicate the blog's position in the 2008 Total Politics Top 200.


Wolfie said...

TOM HARRIS MP : An alright blogger but sadly on the subject of politics utterly clueless. How do such people become politicians?

QT said...

Note that this is a list of best bloggers (in my singular opinion, of course); not best politicians or political thinkers - hence the wide range of views represented in the list.