Sunday, 7 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #46 & #45


Shiraz Socialist is a far-left group blog with three strong contributors: Voltaire's Priest, Jim Denham and Max Dunbar. The latter in particular has a strong line on civil liberties, and in general there is a much higher 'sensible quotient' here than on many other blogs of comparable politics. What makes Shiraz Socialist an essential read for anyone interested in the British far-left is its perspective on the much-mocked sectarianism of the various socialist and communist parties - i.e. interested without becoming embroiled in the mud-throwing that makes some other socialist blogs such tedious reads. Shiraz Socialist also deserves praise for maintaining its free & open comments policy despite some persistent troublemakers.

Read Voltaire's Priest - 'Hot Air and Brickbats'


The Tin Drummer really deserves a wider audience, and what's more it's not entirely clear why he doesn't have it. TD doesn't tend to rant and rave, and posts on topics other than politics once in a while. However, he has a strong line on liberties and a cynical and watchful eye for the power play; so its quite surprising that this blog doesn't seem to have become part of the 'bloggertarian club'. It is through Blogpower that I discovered it, and I'm glad I did.

Read The Tin Drummer - 'Government's Power Grab (part n)'

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jmb said...

I always read TD and find it fascinating. He actually walks to a different drum altogether.