Friday, 5 December 2008

QT's Festive 50: #50 & #49


Sam Tarran is, I'm fairly sure, the youngest blogger to feature in this countdown. Not that you'd ever guess this were it not for the About Me box, in which Tarran describes himself as a 17-year old "opinionated conservative". He has been blogging since July 2006, writing some perceptive posts at a consistent and prolific rate since that time, and well deserves a place in the Tory Blogs section of any blogroll - and its inclusion in this list.

Read Sam Tarran - 'The Forefront of the War'


Clairwil is an unusual political blog. Some might say that the diary and the soapbox shouldn't mix. Others may counter that, in the right hands, the combination can be exquisite - and hold up as Exhibit A for their case this blog, which celebrated its third birthday 2 months ago. Clairwil is a highly under-appreciated political blog which once again disappointingly missed out on the Total Politics list. It doesn't miss out this time!

Read Clairwil - 'Are You All On Crack Or Something?'

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